Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tell Me Why?

Sometimes it seems it's so easy to set your mind on one thing. To go each day thinking about it. To think about it as you do school, work...whatever it may be, it just seems you can't get it out of you mind. Maybe you don't want to.
You know that thing I'm talking about. It's different for different people.
Maybe it's your job. Maybe it's a guy. Or a girl. Maybe it's your parents. Maybe it's thinking about how others think of you.
Why can't that thing we can't stop thinking about be God?
Why can't we be asking him how we can serve Him more?
Why can't we think about how he loves us?
Why can't we be sharing the story of his grace and love to others?

I truly believe when we go about out every-day life with this'll be amazed at how much joy you find in life. :)

So tell me why can't we set our minds on what matters?

When we set our minds on things that are of this world, we find ourselves broken inside. It made me think of the song, I'm Not Alright by Santus Real. We need Christ in everything we do. So why not make it a littler easier by taking the first step and setting our mind on Him.

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