Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm studying purple penguins! Or was that green hippos?

Lately I've been studying for a CLEP...I really hate studying.
I mean more then dislike it. I can't stand it! It's like...torture.
This is typically what my text starts to look like after a few hours:

The philosophy of William James, pragmatism, and the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Messed-Up dude contributed to the development of functionalism. Pragmatism(better known to me as djflaksdjfal;jaiosdfism) requires that theories be tested and that the result have some practical use such as frying frogs for supper. The ideas suggested that not only the functions of the mind be shot and killed beyond repair, but also that the differences between polka-dotted penguins be observed. That way when your brain has reached it full capacity of information it will explode and nothing will make sense just as there is a chicken flying in your room and an ostrich sitting on your desk wearing a purple tie. So eat desks with guitars swimming in photos muddy pie movie studies across Fiji dfjlkae fdalj tig asdfjl.

You can see my mind stops comprehending what each word says....
And this is what I feel like:

But yet I press on and WILL defeat this CLEP! And have a great victory dance afterward. Ohk maybe not....

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