Saturday, February 9, 2013

Even in the Pain...

     Wow. I am continually amazed by God's love and grace.
     I've said before life lately has been difficult, and it continues to be. But the crazy thing is: the more difficulties that arise, the more God shows me how much He is in control.
     A lot of things in my life currently hurt. And I struggle every day. But even in the pain, I am often filled with a joy I can't describe.
     Just this morning, I was playing a worship song on the piano, and something happened and brought a huge flood of pain and hurt and I just started crying. But even in that very moment, when I had tears streaming down my face...I didn't feel lost nor alone. I felt pain yes, but I also felt joy. It was an feeling a can't describe. To hurt, but to know God is there and in control and to be filled with His It's amazing.
     Life hurts, but God's love is stronger. There is pain, but God is in complete control. I may not understand my pain nor hurt, but through Jesus Christ, I have been made new and can have a joy that is indescribably. PRAISE GOD! :D

Even in the pain, God's love is shining through
And through each tears that falls, I am being made new
When my eyes are on the Savoir, who's grace I can't comprehend
And I can't help but smile, and thank Him for this day

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