Monday, April 29, 2013

I will.

I will not pretend to have life figured out.
I will not try and mask the pain that comes.
I will not lie and say that with God life is without struggle.
I will not say the Christian life is easy.

But I will proclaim the truth of God's love.
I will shout for joy because of the undeserving grace I have been given.
I will strive to seek Christ with the struggles come.
I will smile in the midst of pain, because my God is greater then anything trial I may face.
And I will, I will fail.
For I am a sinner.
But I know that I have been forgiven.
And each time I fail...
I will be forgiven again.
And I will praise the very God who gave His son so that I, a wretched sinner, might be saved from the punishment of death which I so deserve.


  1. Reminds me of this song I really like, about Job. :)

  2. that is a pretty fantastic song. I like. :)