Monday, May 13, 2013


      Something I've been thinking a lot about lately...the importance of what music you listen to.
Yesterday my pastor summed it up pretty well in his sermon when he said,  "What music you listen to identifies who are you."
     I for one love most music. I love to switch between various genres and artists...I love variety. I have my worship music, my country music, my 'romance' music, my 'popish' music...I have all these different artists and styles I just love to listen to...all for different reasons.
     But something I've been really convicted of how unhealthy secular music is.
     About 1/5 of the music on my phone is secular music. Not necessarily 'bad' music-but music that isn't worship music.
     Living for Christ...shouldn't everything we do bring glory to God? Including our music?
     I'm not condemning anyone who listens to secular music...I still have my secular music on my phone(though I took it all off my 'favorites' playlist so I rarely listen to it now)...but I'm just encouraging to think about what you're filling your mind with.
    I listen to secular music for various reasons...sometimes the song is just really really catchy and fun to sing along to, sometimes the artist singing is just SO talented I love listening to them...but it's never because I want to worship God. Ouch.
     Over the past week I haven't listened to anything except for worship music. At all. And you know what's crazy? I have been so incredibly happy. Not because life has gotten any easier, but because when I'm focused on worshiping Christ...there is a LOT to be happy about.
Secular music affects us, whether we know it or not.

...just something I've been thinking about. :)

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  1. Thank you for saying this. It is really convicting/though-provoking. I have a habit of listening to the radio when I drive, and sometime if I don't like what's on the Christian station I'll switch to the secular pop one. "Oh, it's just a fun song, of course I don't agree with the message, but I'm smart enough to know that."

    Wow... you're so right. It's about glorifying God. I love how you said you are happier listening to Christian music. I feel the same way when I choose to not switch stations. It's so easy... such a big difference... I'm so weak.....

    Thank you. <3