Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's okay to smile.

     When life gets rough sometimes its hard to smile.
Lately life hasn't been easy for me easy-it's been harder than I ever would have thought possible. And I've been tempted to feel depressed. Tempted to think I don't have a reason to smile.
I think a huge reason is we feel that when we smile, we are ignoring the hardship that we're going through. We feel like if we smile, it means everything is alright...when inside we are struggling so badly.
But ya know what? It's okay to smile when life is hard.
In fact it's good to smile.
There is a time to be sad, yes.
But when we smile through trials, we aren't showing people that the trial isn't hard...we're showing people that we have a God who is bigger than our trial and we have the strength and joy in HIM to smile.
Yes. Just smile.

Is life hard right now?
Are you smiling?If not...its okay. Go ahead. Smile.
When we go around with a frown on our face...what are we communicating? Are we communicating that we trust in Jesus completely with every aspect of our life? Or are we communicating that life is so hard, that the fact that God is in control, doesn't matter? 
Because if you've been born have more than enough reason to smile. No matter the circumstances.

And who knows...that smile? It may just affect someone else in ways you never would have imagined.
And for the record..I can promise you that you look far better with a smile.

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