Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Moments

Sometimes life is a little odd.
I found the moments I treasure most i'n life aren't when I'm having a ton of fun. They aren't the moments when I find myself amongst a large group laughing and having a great time. They aren't crazy moments where I feel like maybe I had just a 'tad' too much coffee.
I found the moments I treasure most, the ones that remain i'n my heart, are those little moments.
Those quite moments alone with a best friend.
Those quiet moments playing a game with a sibling.
Those moments after a crazy-wild day, when you are absolutely exhausted, but to sit i'n silence with a friend, as you both try to stay awake.

I used to take for granted those moments.
But you never know when those moments will disappear.
So let's not forget what we have. Let's not forget the ones who love us.
Life isn't about seeing how many friends you can make. It's not about being popular.

I love the song Thankful by Josh Groban. Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics.
I feel like tearing up when I hear it for a number of reasons.
1. Just the lyrics themselves are powerful
2. The first time I heard the song, it was at a going-away party for a very dear friend of mine. How I treasure those moments we had together
3. Just yesterday, We were driving home from the annual Snow Trip. Everyone was exhausted and the car was pretty quiet. Aubrey and I were listening to that song. I had been feeling exhausted and a little depressed at how the day had turned out. But listening to that song, I realized I had been surrounded by people whom I love. That moment, there i'n the car, sitting next to a friend I am so incredibly grateful God placed i'n my life, was one of the best moments i'n my life.

God how blessed me i'n an amazing way.
Those little moments he's placed i'n my life
Those little moments I will never forget.
Those little moments, I will never again take for granted.


  1. How true that is :)

  2. Oh.... you too? I heartily agree. Thankful is one of the best songs ever.