Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let Go

     If there were two words I feel God has been repeating to me this past week, those words would be: "Let go."

     Let go.

     It's so easy to cling to things of this world. Objects, thoughts...even people.
It's easy to hold such a tight grasp on these things that we nearly become obsessed.
Maybe it's not super obvious. But think about the thing that means the most to you, like something of this world. Is it your job? A relationship you desire? Music? A goal you seek? Money? A past friendship? A grudge?
Whatever it may be, if Christ is not the center of the desire or passion-it is worthless. Wasted. It doesn't have to necessarily even be a 'bad' thing, just something that you shouldn't be clinging to so tightly.
     Let go.

     I know that's easier said then done. Boy, do I know. To completely let go of something that means so much. You can't let go 'just a little bit'. To let go, you have to completely release your grip.
     Make a 180 turn around. Loosen your grip, let yourself fall back into the arms of Christ.

     Sometimes it can feel that if we let go, we have nothing to hold onto. Nothing to grasp. Our 'security blanket' is gone. If that's the case, it's all the more reason to let go!
      We shouldn't have a 'security blanket' on things of this world.
     Our one and only desire should be to fix our eyes on Christ, to serve Him and let Him control our lives in His timing. To let Him give us what we need.
     Psalm 63:8, "My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me."
     What are you clinging to?
     Do you have one hand clinging to Christ and another somewhere else?
     Let go.
     Cling to Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith. Cling to Christ, with both hands.

     Let go.


  1. Thank you for posting this, The same exact thing has been on my heart this week as well.....I just find it so awesome that God has been speaking to you about it too :)

    God brought to my attention, how easy it is to say I'm letting go....and how hard it is to actually DO IT.