A peek into my brain...

Clareesa here! Thanks for coming to my blog. I hope and pray you are encouraged/challenged by it.

A little about me... I'm kinda crazy. I love random and humor.
I am a sinner, saved by grace.
My life has been full of struggle. And I've suffered through loss I never could have imagined. But by the grace of God, I have learned from each and every trial in my life.
Learned to let go. Learned to love like Christ would. Learned to honor when I disagree.

I desire, Lord willing, to be a wife and full-time mom. I'd also like to travel someday, preferably to Ireland or Germany.
But really, anywhere/anything is an adventure to me and it's not too hard to make me happy. :)

My life/hobbies are a toss up between photography, writing(from my current novel, blog posts and songs), adventuring, guitar, hiking, snowboarding, swing dancing, singing(no, it doesn't sound good), caving, slicing butter(don't ask), being in the rain, eating food and bow hunting.

But most importantly, people.
The people in my life, whether that be my family or my friends, mean the world to me. I find myself longing to be there for each and every one.

As I have now entered into my 20's, I have begun to realize how much people come and go in life.
And I've learned that the only person who will ever remain constant is Christ.

That is why I strive to pour myself into the lives of those around me...while they're still around me.
And to shine the light of Christ, in hopes that when I'm gone and people think of me, they'll think of Christ.

Moment by moment.
No regrets.
All for Christ.

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