Wednesday, June 20, 2012

silent prayer

Holding tight to the last words you said
 Quote them over and over in my head
Wishing that this were a nightmare
Wake up and wipe that last tear
Never thought our friendship would come to this
I was living a fantasy of hopeless bliss
Now I'm trying to keep holding on
Without dreading each waking dawn
Resting my world in the grace of my God
So that with a smile I can continue on
Harder than I could ever have imagined
Fighting not to feel abandoned
I know if I trust in His will
That His joy soon will fill
But I'm still clinging to the last words you said
I'm still wiping those tears I shed
And I'm trying, trying so hard
To realize I won't forever be scarred
And in the river of God's mercy and grace
I bow my knee before the God
Who took you from this place
For those last words I cling to
He always knew wouldn't last forever
The Lord gives and takes away
But abandoned, no not ever.
Remembering it's all in His holy will
At the edge standing still
Breathing deeply
Breathing slowly
But when the tears fall down my face
I'll stand firm in this place
It's not the end
For His Son did He send
And I know I'll see you again
Lifting my hands high in the air
Singing a silent prayer

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