Saturday, August 10, 2013

You would think...

You would think
the more loss you see,
the easier it would be
You would think
the more pain you feel
the more you will to heal

You would think...
but you would think wrong
Each loss
Holds the same pain as before
Except now
A new addition that hurts all the more
 that never run dry
fading as the days go by
your strength has run dry
You stop
even asking why.
God, please grant me strength not from myself nor for myself
But grant me the ability to rest upon your strength
in order that I may praise Your holy name
How I long to be where there is no pain
How I long to go to my eternal home
But I know I am here for a reason
So please, God, give me the strength to continue on
With a song in my heart
To shine Your light
Though my heart grows weary
Though I lose the will to go on
Though You take all I have loved
Even when the tears won't stop
please give me the strength
to raise my hands
and say
'Blessed be, the God who gives
and who takes away'

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