Friday, March 18, 2011

Burden For Prayer

This is a more personal post, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to post it. And I don't want this to sound all weird or anything. But I decided to post it.
Something that hasn't happened very often to me, but yet I remember each and every time as though it was when God places on my heart a burden to pray for someone.
I'm not talking about a burden as Christians we feel to pray. It's really hard to explain, but it's a burden so great it's as though you feel the pain of the person you are praying for.
And it really really  hurts. I can't describe how it feels. It's a feeling of hurt, lost and empty, with no cure. But when I feel it, it's not coming from me. I'm feeling someone else's pain. That might sound really weird, but that the closest way I can explain it. I feel the pain, and with it comes the extreme need to pray. To pray for that person.
I wrote these songs tonight based off what I feel. They aren't wonderful written songs or anything, they're more my thoughts and prayers.

Galation 6:2, "Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."

Praying for You Tonight

Please understand this isn't easy
Please understand it hurts
Please understand that I know
The pain you feel tonight

I'm here to share your burden
It's not yours alone
God has opened up my eyes
To see the hurt

I cry for you tonight
I hurt for you tonight
I pray
I pray for you tonight

Maybe I barely even know you
Maybe I saw you only once
But I feel as if I've know
Every pain within your heart

So I'm praying for you tonight
I'm asking God to show you
That he loves you tonight
I'm praying for you
Asking God to opened up your eyes
To know a truth beyond the pain
I'm praying for you
Praying for you
As the tears fall from my eyes
Your pain is mine
So I'm praying for you
Praying for you


On My Knees In Prayer 

Dear God I have a letter
But I'll write it in a song
Oh Lord why have you placed me here
Why in this place right now?

I feel like I can't stand the pain
Why do I feel it  now?
Is it a curse or a blessing
I've asked myself before

When I'm down on the floor
And the pain they feel becomes my own
I'll listen and bear he burden
Here on my knees in prayer

And when the tears are fallin', but they aren't my own
When my heart is aching, but the pain isn't mine
God I'll be on my knees in prayer
Praying you'll open up their eyes

I'm not asking for you
To take away the pain
I'll gladly bare the burden
And stay on my knees in prayer

But God I'm asking
For the strength, courage and wisdom
To bare this burden
To stay on my knees in prayer

And I'll be on my knees in prayer
For a burden I don't always understand
For a pain greater then I've ever felt
I'm on my knees in prayer.


  1. beautiful post! do you have melodies to these songs?

  2. No not really, kinda a basic idea of a melody, but that's it. :)

  3. It's actually a spiritual gifting. It's (burden for)intercessory prayer. Yes, actually a gift.