Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The mind of a 5 year old...

Joel likes to come and sit with me sometimes when I'm studying... tonight I was studying and he was sitting there, looking VERY deep in thought. Finally he says, "I would hate to be Sam."(my dog)
Me: "Why?"
Joel: "Well cause she has no friends and has to sleep outside at night."
Me: "She has friends, I play with her all the do you!"
Joel: "But a bear could eat her at night!"
Me: "Oh she's a tough dog and she watches out for bears."
Me: "She can stay up at long as she wants."
Joel: "But she's a girl!"
Me: "Yup. But she's a dog."
Joel: "Wooooahhh."
A long pause and he thought for a moment.
Joel: "Can I stay up too?"
Me: "No, you're a little boy. And little boys have to sleep."
Another long silence(Almost 10 minute) while he thought.
Joel: "I wish we were twins."
Me: "Huh? Why?"
Joel: "Then we could have fun and stay up at long as we wanted!...hey whats that sound?"
Me: "Oh that was just someone moving the piano bench."
Joel: "Huh. Sounded like an elephant. Are elephants loud? Are lions louder???"
A long pause
He spent almost 2 hours and solved one side of the rubiks cube :-o
Joel: "Can Sam stay up for ::gasps:: 6 nights?!?! How long can a lion live? What if a person could stay up two whole nights? Once I stayed up a whole night...I think"

And he just went on for awhile. :) Absolutely ADORABLE. I love that kid. <3


  1. Aw Clari! That was so cute. Thanks for sharing it. I always enjoy reading your posts. :D