Sunday, October 13, 2013


 Two bins. 
One marked 'questions'
the other 'answers'
I make my way to the first bin
Inside are stacks of blank paper and a pen
I begin to write
Soon the stack of paper has reached an end
Each page filled with questions
Questions from my heart
Questions about my life
Questions of 'why' and 'how'
Questions I desperately want answered
I place the filled paper back into the bin
Then I move to the bin marked 'answers'
I take a deep breath, knowing the answers to all my questions
are in that box.
I tug at the lid
It doesn't budge
I tug harder
I use every ounce of my strength
the lid remains unmoved.
I punch, kick and pound at the box
Desperately, I want those answers.
"Why can't I see the answers???"
I sob into the air.
"I can't continue in life with all this unknown!
I need answers!"
I continue my plea, not caring whether anyone can hear me.
"If I just knew, even a few answers. I wouldn't feel so lost.
So confused."
Silence answers my plea.
I gaze around me.
I know not why I hadn't seen them before.
As far as my eyes could see there were rows and rows
filled with bins.
Half of them marked 'questions'
the other half 'answers'
Each 'questions' bin is filled with papers, 
many so full the lid doesn't close.
I walk over to one
the questions inside are similar to mine
but by someone else.
The 'answers' bin beside it is locked as mine had been
I continue to walk down the endless rows of bins
Searching for some way to find answers.
Far back amongst the bins
something catches my eye
One bin.
Marked 'answers'
 There is no conjoining 'questions' bin.
Could this answers bin possibly be unlocked?
I pull at the lid.
It flies off
Inside lays a single piece of paper.
 I slowly reach in and pick it up
The words draw me to my knees.
"He is the Alpha and Omega,
The beginning and the end.
Before you were born,
He knew you.
When hard times came,
He allowed them.
He knew the outcome.
He gave.
And He took away.
He never told you the purpose.
He never told you his perfect plan.
For his plan is far beyond what your mind could ever comprehend.
His thoughts are high above your thoughts.
He has seen you fail.
He has seen you repent.
And fail again.
He has forgiven you when you asked.
He holds the answers.
He is the God of yesterday, today and forever.
And He wants you to trust Him."

I put the paper back in the bin and shut the lid.
I still have questions.
But I know who has the answers.
And I will trust His perfect plan for my life.

Isaiah 55:8-9
“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord.
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways
And My thoughts than your thoughts."

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