Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From the mouth of babes...

Well ages 7 and 5...I love these guys. And Jacob really knows his bible well, it's awesome. :)  Jacob: "God wants you to give him your whole heart."
Joel: "Wow."
Jacob: "He wants you to be holy like he is holy"
Joel: "Like Noah! You should be like Noah and trust God!"
Jacob: "Yes but Noah died."
Joel: "HE DIED?!?!?!? Well...God can never die."
Jacob: "Even if you try to kill him, he can never die!"
Joe:l "there's bears in heaven."
Jacob: "How do you know."
Joel: "Someone told me."
Jacob: "Well there MIGHT be. We don't know."
Joel: "Well probably there is bears."
::Jacob started singing about bears::
Jacob: "In Heaven we'll spend all day worshiping God!"
Joel: "I don't think there's music in heaven"
Jacob: "There is! You know why? Cause everyday you worship God! There's lot of music!"
Joel: "Ya...even when you do your work!"
Then they got distracted talking about sharks and drawing with your head.... :)
Jacob: "I bet God would be the best drawer ever!"
Joel: "He would be as good as Ariel! He could draw a raccoon!...how old is God?"
Jacob: "Did you know there's millions of people in heaven rights now? Greatgreat grandpa is in heaven." ::thinks a moment:: "But kee-kee....isn't there going to be a new heaven? When Jesus comes back again?"
(This kid knows a lot for a 7-yr old!)...

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